CPCC Political Survey on Private Copying

The Canadian Private Copying Collective has released a survey of the major political parties on their views on the private copying levy.  The Conservatives did not respond.  The release does not appear on the CPCC site, but FYI Music reports on the results.


  1. The Green Party is sounding better and better every day. I though I was sure who I was voting for but it looks like the lawn might be greener over there.

  2. Typical Conservatives…
    It’s obvious that the Conservative Party wanted to keep their stance againsts us consumers over this copy-“wrong” bill about to re-introduce by your next minority PM Stev-o. Either NDP or Green for me…

  3. Re: Typical Conservatives
    …Sorry, that was “Steve-O” not “Stev-o”.

  4. “irrepairable damage to rights holders” what a joke

    why should only a select few receive money from the levy especially if consumers dont even download buy or listen to those select few.

    fail CPCC. Still cant find the dotted line for my cut.

  5. More on this
    The Campaign for Democratic Media also has something similar to this worth mentioning and looking at:
    Link 1 About: [ link ]

    Link 2 (PDF of results): [ link ]

    Link 2 (the PDF) has it in tabular form at the bottom of the PDF.

    All “no commnet” by the conservatives.