CRTC Bell – CAIP Throttling Decision Tomorrow

The CBC reports that the CRTC will release its much anticipated decision on Bell's throttling practices on Thursday morning.


  1. we’ll get screwed here watch
    bell breaches a cntract ( whats new )
    bell loses.

    straight to me and many canadians.

    What we’ll gt is shafted and canada will have the absolute worst internet of any civilized nation.

    Like i said no sense in having internet if i am payng for 5000kbit and getting 150kbit


    Every day the IT sector in canada is dying.
    Lets kill it totally, screw all the people out of jobs that work for CAIP and have to pay more taxes for people on EI and welfare.
    Ya no more auto sector jobs , no tech sector.
    Jeee whats left we all cant work in alberta?

  2. Internet Guy
    It’s funny how I used to brag constantly to my friends in the US that Canada seemed to have it together when it came to provided high speed internet. The last time I bragged was probably 5-6 years ago.

    I fear the worst and am anticipating that the CRTC allows Bell to continue with an attached “we’ll review all of this in the near future”.

    Definitely agree that it’s this big telecoms that are really hurting the IT sector in Canada. Little to no investment due to little or no competition has set us back years in terms of technology infrastructure in this country. Without a huge push by Ottawa and FORCING the big telecoms onboard we will fall more behind as the years go by.

    I’m hoping for the best, but already prepared for the worst based on past CRTC decisions.

    The only hope I have out of a ruling in Bell’s favour is that Canadian’s finally have enough and decide that the CRTC itself needs to be revamped to protect the interests of Canadian citizens instead of Canadian big business. I don’t think it would be such a bad idea to have the CRTC has publically elected officials so they truly know who they are looking out for.

    and to let you know how bad it is….

    heres a synapsis of a business plan that i have ten clients lined up with no advertsing

    I rent out 100MB servers
    each on i make 10$ on the most saleable box.
    i do all the clients required setups of software.

    cheapest runs form about 26$ canadian
    to as much as a 2 gigabit potential.

    2 problems
    A) the cost to do this IN CANADA is impossable as bandwidth here is about ten times the cost in europe
    B) Starting from welfare i was told
    if a unit cost is 70$ and my profit is 10 i have to give them the gross revenue aka the full 70.
    So even though i hav eno problem doing all the work and giving the tax payers the profit until im past needing welfare, i cant afford to give them everything. Thus its EPIC FAIL.

    Solution to B is to give my idea to a foreigner and work for him thus cutting myself out of control of said business and profits. That btw allows me however to have him send me my share of said profits now half so say 50$ and welfare will take half of that and i can keep half.

    Somehting is wrong here. Thats not encouraging people out of work with wicked ideas that will work. Its stopping it.

    Even so they still want a business plan….Like wtf for so you can just stuff your stupid rules at me.

  4. This decision will test the integrity of the CRTC and its ability to uphold regulations that are meant to protect the public from anti competitive behaviour and act in the consumers best interest. If the CRTC rules in favour of Bell, we shall see the validity of this commission be tested by the public it serves, you can bank on that.

  5. continued
    That person im basically giving this business too also was an investor that would help me acquire or get into production a type a modem that bell could not as yet throttle, however if the CRTC decision says they can , hten all they have to do is add a terms of service indicating ANYONE ATTEMPTING TO BYPASS THIS THROTTLE WOULD BE IN VIOLATION AND BE CANCELED.

    I have tons of ideas and sought to get into diversification with becoming a reseller of teksavvy,
    this would allow me at little bits little bits to naw away at what you taxpayers have to pay me.

    It would give me more freedom, and show assholes like the idiot below me ( a staunch conservative racist pig ) that i am not lazy. It would make people feel better because they contribute to something.

    So here i am going to appeal disability , with a borken S5, pinched L4/L5 wiht problems walking and constant pain, add to this taking pen medicine that none wants you on in any work place and ya. I have to innovate but HOW DO YOU INNOVATE IN CANADA.

    P.S. My investor/partner or whatever even told me the 1st 1000$ of sales i could keep.
    Hows that for a start up when you have ten lcients auto lined up, ( thats about 100$ profit – 31$ internet – 30$ phone )
    aka a balance sheet in the black of 39$ right out of the gate…..

    I have been invited to leave canada….and now am seriously considering it, theres nothing here thats GREAT WHITE NORTH no more.

  6. Obama favours Net Neutrality..
    Im hoping the CRTC will follow the way of the FCC.. Obama is in favour of net neutrality anyways.. Throttling wont be going on in the States much longer.. Hopefully BellRogers dont get the go ahead to continue.. On a side note my Rogers speeds have been faster and faster this week.. Maybe they expect a bad result..

  7. Well did we really expect anything better from the the (Bell/Rogers influenced) CRTC?
    CRTC denies CAIP application, but will examine Internet traffic management practices
    OTTAWA-GATINEAU, Nov. 20 /CNW Telbec/ – The Canadian Radio-television and
    Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) today announced that it has denied the
    Canadian Association of Internet Providers’ (CAIP) request that Bell Canada
    cease the traffic-shaping practices it has adopted for its wholesale Gateway
    Access Service. However, in the future, Bell Canada will be required to notify
    its wholesale customers at least 30 days in advance of making changes that
    impact on the performance of its Gateway Access Service.
    “Based on the evidence before us, we found that the measures employed by
    Bell Canada to manage its network were not discriminatory. Bell Canada applied
    the same traffic-shaping practices to wholesale customers as it did to its own
    retail customers,” said Konrad von Finckenstein, Q.C., Chairman of the CRTC.
    “CAIP’s application asked us to only consider the specific issue of
    wholesale traffic shaping within a specific context. The broader issue of
    Internet traffic management raises a number of questions that affect both
    end-users and service providers,” added Mr. von Finckenstein. “We have decided
    to hold a separate proceeding to consider both wholesale and retail issues.
    Its main purpose will be to address the extent to which Internet service
    providers can manage the traffic on their networks in accordance with the
    Telecommunications Act.”
    The growing popularity of certain Internet applications, such as online
    video, can lead to network congestion. To deal with this congestion, some
    Internet service providers (ISPs) are managing the flow of traffic on their
    networks or adopting new business models. In the case of the CAIP application,
    the Commission’s assessment of traffic shaping was limited to Bell Canada’s
    practice of slowing down the transfer rates of peer-to-peer traffic at certain
    times of the day.

  8. re:…

    ” …
    This decision will test the integrity of the CRTC and its ability to uphold regulations that are meant to protect the public from anti competitive behaviour and act in the consumers best interest.”

    Things like “integrity”, “protect the public”, and “act in the consumers best interest” should not be in the same sentence as the CRTC.

    When is the last time anyone remembers the CRTC doing anything to “help” the consumer