NDP Announces Shadow Cabinet

The NDP has announced their shadow cabinet with Charlie Angus tabbed as the critic for heritage, culture, and digital issues.

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  1. No reply from Charlie Angus
    August 4, 2008- Rather than just sending a letter of concern about Bill C-61,I presented a 61 page report about the ramifications and brief details of the proposed legislation as I see it.

    Basic History, Present state, Culture and Heritage Relationship, Supporting Talent and the Creativity Process, Industry Distribution and Compensation, Alternatives and Direction, Copying Observations, Random Thoughts, Suggestions, If Suggestions Are Not Met, Summary, Advice and Solution were the subsections included. Divided sub-sections could be read alone or as a complete package, and an introduction letter and simple solution letter were attached to allow the MPs to read a brief synopsis should they prefer the latter.

    The report was presented as a non-partisan document and yet the message was clearly aginst Bill C-61 as it now stands. There was enough information to shake the apples off of everyone’s tree when it came to agreeing or disagreeing on everything from Culture to Copying. Nevertheless. my document had every intention of presenting considered and unknown effects as they will affect all Canadians. I never expected that all or any points would be considered, but there is enough material upon which the concerned recipients could add to their knowledge and share of the legislation in question.

    Only one reply out of five presentations came back. MPs: The Honourable Stephen Fletcher (PC) now Minister of State (Democratic Reform- ironic re: Bill C-61) / The Honourable Josée Verner (PC), then Minister of Canadian Heritage, Status of Women and Official Languages / Honourable Jim Prentice, then Minister of Industry (PC) / The Honourable Anita Neville (Lib) (my local MP) / and Charlie Angus (NDP) all had been sent the 61 page report prior to election and it was marked urgent only for the sake of getting it read before either the amendments, election, or passing of the Bill.

    The one reply was from Anita Neville who politely and promptly stated the Liberal position which appears, at first glance, to be better than Bill C-61 as the Conservatives propose, but, for brevity and accomodating response, Anita’s was lacking in detail other than to say that consumers, creators, and the business community is encouraged to participate in consulting with the Liberals. I was also invited to contact her on this and other matters.

    The other MPs, and/or their offices gave no reply or indication that the correspondence was received. Regardless of their reason, I only hope they use their power to convince voting MPs to represent the people first. This is one time when majority should take precedence.

    As for Charlie, I hope he represents the cause better than he replies (assuming that his office passed on the material sent).