How Spammers Cash In

The BBC reports on a fascinating study by California researchers into how spammers generate profits.

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  1. Onlu part of the picture though
    Ah yes! They may not make a lot as “one” person sending spam, but most spammers are in private alliances and more and more are becoming aligned with organized crime.

    They take is a lot closer to what people “thought” the take can be, than this study shows.

    While the researchers had to “become spammers” to do their research, they didn’t THINK like spammers.

    You want to spam, but don’t know how? No problem, there’s step-by-step webkits available. You need a network. You can 1) make your own trojans or 2) lease an existing network. Botnet leasing is a big business. Just sit on some of the spammers IRC channels for a while 😉