Debating Parody Protection in Canada

Howard Knopf has a pair of interesting posts (1, 2) on the absence of explicit legal protection for parody under Canadian copyright law in light of a recent case involving Canwest (case here, report on the case here).


  1. Dre
    Well, its nice to see that Canwest is doing what they can to limit free speech, given that they are a newspaper chain. I can’t wait to see what they do if they went here:

  2. Global Headlines….
    I can see it now…

    ** Corporate Copyright Supercedes Charter of Rights – BC Supreme Court **

    I wonder if it’s the same jackass judge that ruled in favour of that Chapman idiot.
    ( )

    BC Supreme Court has been pulling absolute boners lately.

    We need freely elected Crown Councils, Judges and get rid of that damn “notwithstanding” clause.