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Budget 2009 – Money for Broadband, Part Two

In the dying days of the fall election campaign, the Conservatives promised to spend $100 million per year for five years on broadband deployment in rural areas starting in 2010.  While the budget moves that spending up a year, it commits less money – $75 million per year for three years.


  1. Where is the Numeric economy chapter
    Did someone have seen the numeric plan to save our 2009 new economy ? Have a look on in US and join

  2. pat donovan says:

    75 billion for bad paper more than ANYONE else

    15 billion for various ‘dept of patronage for quebec’ CIDC, and so on

    loans for cities..

    small change for renovations, including culture.
    note-worth montreal theathers seem to get some,
    while listeroses and nortel get ignored.

    short hanging NL transferr payments.

    Mike, you made techdort twice and got a loon promoting net neutrality.

    I want to bust the patent bubble, as the prirate ecomony.
    generic drugs, etc.
    are doing REALLY well, and we aren’t.


  3. Tyler Dobie says:

    BC3, Kaslo infoNet, Network BC
    well lets see… I come from BC, where the best provincial program for rural broadband succeeded ~ Under Network BC

    But federally… whatever the Liberals were talking about before they got voted out of office (does U-CAN ring any bells?) *I believe what I’m referring to came from a senate subcomitee… hmmm, is harper rilly gonna give us any beans – to build some infrastructure in the boonies …
    or will it all just be a line item for a Canadian telecom giant or two?

    ~ TD