CBC on the Public Domain

The CBC focuses on the public domain in Canada and the great work of Wallace McLean.

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  1. and bill c-61 can make you a criminal for backing up a public domain dvdr
    20000 fine for conservative idea of backing up stuff or whatever
    and remember kiddies that a xvid is a back up technically of a dvdr it there for stands that every single download of any tv or movie is a 20,500$ fine and when you cant pay it the maximum time is 10$ = 1 day in jail or 2050 days in jail.

    ALSO new conservative crime bills want criminals to serve more “consecutive time” that means two downloads will get you double time so after 2 downloads you get 11 years in prison
    4 gives you 22 years in prison
    and 6 is effectively a life sentence
    BOY oh boy wonder how in such great economic times they can afford to build all these prisons to hold all the young people who do all these minimum wage jobs and part time jobs…oh wait lets bring more Mexicans to Canada we can just grab them from the USa solving there slave labour probs