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Toronto Star Investigates Textbook Copying

The Toronto Star conducted an investigation into textbook copying in Toronto and found considerable infringing activities.  The comments to the article are worth reading.


  1. Comments are priceless indeed
    And here is a comment to this torrent of the Organic Chemistry book on The Pirate Bay:

    “A note to all publishers of books for college level classes:

    Myself and all other students are tired of getting raped by you sorry bastards, rearranging chapters every 2yrs while adding nothing meaningful, just so you can sell more of your shit.

    We agree that you need to be paid fair money for your work, rather than rape us like a cut-rate bitch. Since you don’t see it that way, we are going to put it into terms you can understand. No more money for you. Your shit is gonna be free now, to anyone who wants it in a digital format.

    You are not being fair to students, so we are not going to be fair to you. How you like that dick up your ass? Feels nice, doesn’t it…

    And I also blame the PROFESSORS, who choose those books as required texts.

  2. No money to greedy publishers
    I agree with Fuck’em,except his blame of professors. I believe most of them only try to choose the best textbooks for student. They might not know the prices at all.

  3. Nice to know….
    ….what pondlife can get into a university these days. If any of my students come to class with a copied text, they fail. As for those using Organic Chemistry, guess it’s the last edition of that book, which is of course the inevitable outcome of this juvenile behaviour.

  4. If Profs had to buy textbooks
    This would end in a heartbeat….

    And Mike, How dare you assume that just because someone has a copied textbook, they are infringe copyright? I suppose you’re safe in your tenured ivory tower….