CIRPA on Blocking Access to P2P

From the Canadian Independent Record Production Association submission on net neutrality:

“Certainly policies that limit the consumers access to P2P sites that distribute large volumes of unauthorized content would be controversial, but we believe that it is in the interest of both ISP's and content producers to examine such alternatives carefully and act to the degree it can be determined that such content is not authorized for redistribution.”


  1. Determining if the user has the right to access the content (a broader question than ‘authorized for redistribution’) is a legal judgment, and cannot be made automatically by a computer. Leaving the decision up to a human, without a court order authorizing such activities, is a huge privacy violation.

    Easy answer – it can’t be so determined. You can’t intercept the traffic. Shut down the site if it is such a problem. If you can’t shut down the site, don’t shift blame onto the consumers.

  2. The whole idea makes about as much sense as making it illegal to pass through neighbourhoods with high drug sales in an effort to stop drug trafficking.

    Not to forget the number of false positives on their black list ala the Internet Watch Foundation.

  3. Rick Harrisle says:

    Anyone know what “unauthorized content” means in this context?

  4. what “unauthorized content” means
    Anything they are not being overpaid for.

  5. overpaid for…
    So by that definition:

    Game demos are illegal
    Trailers are illegal
    Linux is illegal
    Java sdk/jdk/jre are illegal
    Open Office is illegal…

  6. Not Speaking with One Voice?
    One of the members of the CIRPA is “CBC Music”, and this comes in stark contrast with that the CBC’s position is on this issue. I would assume the position they have taken on this is due to a very small list of distributors they represent, not with label members.

    Yet another misleading acronym thrown into the pie. The CIRPA doesn’t represent anything close to a majority here, and most certainly doesn’t represent me as an indie artist and future indie label. Nettwerk Music Group (On of the biggest indie labels in Canada) are not among this group either.

  7. Furthermore
    we the morons of said organizations that wish to then block p2p hten will stop levying a charge for cdrs as there hten is no reason to as we are blocking p2p.

    Go for it i say yaaaaaaa and guess what SCREW GOVT and SCREW CONSERVATIVES