VANOC Uses Copyright To Target Ticket Re-Seller

The CBC reports that Vancouver Olympic organizers have filed suit against a B.C. ticket re-seller.  Without a ticket re-sale law in the province, VANOC is using copyright and consumer protection legislation.

One Comment

  1. If anything, shouldn’t this be a trademark issue? Most importantly, how can anyone copyright the words Vancouver 2010. I’ll be living in Vancouver 2010 (just as I live here now). Oops did I just violate VANOC’s copyright? The idea of putting the words Vancouver and 2010 was so creative that it needs to be copyrighted? Does repeating those words together constitute a public performance?

    This is exactly why copyright proponents have a hard time being taken seriously by the general public. If you use copyright in an obviously stupid way here, why would anyone believe you when you say that downloading music/movies is wrong? They won’t, because you aren’t credible. Quite simply, stop doing ridiculous things if you want to be taken seriously.