Report Shows Canada Declining As Source of P2P Infringement Claims

BayTSP, a U.S. firm that identifies and tracks copyright content on behalf of major movie and music interests, has released its annual report on online trends (the study is not online, but they did send me a copy and Ars Technica, Torrent Freak, and P2PNet have reports).  The report is interesting since the analysis is based on infringement notices sent to online video sites, ISPs and other intermediaries on behalf of movie studios, sports franchises, pay-per-view broadcasters, record labels, software companies, videogame developers and the publishing industry.  Note that these are just allegations and are not proven cases of infringement.

From a Canadian perspective, the big story is that contrary to the rhetoric, Canada is dropping in the rankings of the top targets for infringement notices.  According to the report, Canada declined to 10th worldwide (it was 7th last year).  The top three countries are Spain, Italy, and France, which each have at least five times the number of infringement claims as Canada.  Each country is therefore markedly higher in raw numbers and on a per capita basis (the UK, Poland, and Israel also rank ahead of Canada on a per capita basis).  The data is similar for ISPs and universities – no Canadian ISP or university appears on the top ten list of international ISPs and universities as a recipient of infringement claims. 

CRIA and other lobby groups regularly claim that Canada is the leading file sharing country in the OECD.  This is based on nearly six year old data from the OECD (September 2003) which found that on a per capita basis, Canada had the largest number of P2P users.  The data did not focus on infringing activities, merely P2P use.  Given the time lag – broadband rates are now much higher in other parts of the world – it seems pretty clear that CRIA's claims are invalid.  Indeed, the data supplied from the company that its own members use to identify potential infringement indicate that Canada is declining relative to other countries as a source of P2P infringement.

Update: More coverage of the report from the CBC and Torontoist.


  1. torrent?
    Could somebody please post a link to the torrent file for this report. I’d love to read it myself.

  2. lousy showing
    Here’s the per capita data found in the comment section of Torrent Freak

    1 Spain 24,749,379 46,157,822 0.54/capita
    2 Israel 3,655,253 7,411,000 0.49/capita
    3 Italy 19,233,279 60,017,677 0.32/capita
    4 France 17,844,699 65,073,482 0.27/capita
    5 UK 6,586,698 61,612,300 0.11/capita
    6 Poland 4,152,861 38,130,302 0.11/capita
    7 Canada 3,342,072 33,646,000 0.10/capita
    8 Germany 5,731,959 82,060,000 0.06/capita
    9 USA 8,116,302 306,400,000 0.03/capita
    10 Brazil 5,973,286 198,739,269 0.03/capita

    Jeezz, all I can say is come on Canada you can do better than that. Don’t let Spain beat us. Get downloading. NOW!

    Well, at least we made the USTR “Priority watch list”. Spain only made the Watch list, and the UK and France were complete no shows.

    Frankly looking at these numbers, I’d like to know how Brazil got on the watch list at all. Their piracy rate is even lower then the Americans’. Pitiful. They must have friends in the USTR.

  3. Chris Brand says:

    Re: lousy showing
    Brazil has already shown the US that they won’t be bullied. Canada has, unfortunately, shown the opposite.

  4. One must remember
    that to the CRIA et al P2P is by definition infringing activity, they don’t really care about what is being transferred, since they don’t get their tithe.

  5. Bandwidth Caps
    Bandwidth caps by ISPs must be putting a serious dent in video over P2P. I’d love to see what effect it has had on the overall bandwidth usage for Rogers, Bell etc.

  6. Anon Name says:

    BayTSP website FAIL

    Send your own BayTSP-branded copyright infringement notice to your friend… or enemy!

  7. But according to Biden and his ilk….
    … and other kookpot music capitalist corps., we are the bin Laden’s of the computer world!