Bell Calls for “Spectrum Fee Holiday”

The Toronto Star reports that Bell has written to Industry Canada asking for a "spectrum fee holiday" that would suspend the millions of dollars the company pays in licensing fees for wireless spectrum.  Bell said it was "too early to say what impact a change in government policy would have on Bell's customers but noted there hasn't been a direct link between the company's $8.95 wireless system access fee and federal spectrum licensing fees for years."


  1. An interesting point
    in the article is that what the wireless industry apparently collects from the SAF is 10 to 12 times what is paid to the government in spectrum fees. So, assuming that they passed on the savings, expect the SAF to go down to about $7.95.

  2. Vincent Clement says:

    When do consumers get a “nickel and dime fee” holiday from Bell, Telus and Rogers?

  3. SARKOZY SAYS 1$ FER YOU says:

    and were still traffic shaped why then
    where is the so called investment at the back end to give canadians more bandwidth?

    giving shareholders more cash wont solve issues and in time people will just say WHAT i can only download one movie? legal or otherwise wont do it and there goes 300-500 mill a month to bell.

  4. SARKOZY SAYS 1$ FER YOU says:

    note the size of a HD film is 30-40GB 50-75% of one month with bell canada…ALL for the amazing low price of 55-75$ and then you pay for the movie.

    Technology making it cheaper and fattening bells pockets