Canulu Offers Canadian Hulu Access…For A Price may be available in Canada for a price – claims to sell Canadian access to for $11.95 per month


  1. This is silly
    Why pay $11.95 a month when you can pay $10 a month for VPN access to bypass the regional control. That way you have access to the American content but for less. And has a bonus you can download torrents on Bells network at full speed.

  2. @Tom – I’m sure that’s all this is…repackaged VPN service that’s been given a catchy name to appeal to those who don’t know what VPN is.

  3. Computer Technician
    It’s being provided by Guru Dynamics of Toronto to an ip in Texas.

  4. And people know nothing about free proxies?
    There’s PLENTY of free proxies around. How stupid can the consumer get?

  5. And people know nothing about Rapidshare?
    Why reward the media networks for building walled gardens?

    Just search Google for links and download your fix from Rapidshare.

  6. Unlimited bandwidth? Sounds too good to be true
    Remember VPN4Life?

  7. Please try our retooled service at
    We retooled this, and offer a 3 continent VPN package now which offers IPs in US, Canada, and the UK.

    Try us, if you are unhappy we refund within 24-48 hours.

    Works on PC, MAC, *Nix, iPhone, and most recently tested to keep the bad guys away on wire-tethered Android. Rock solid for WiFi at Starbucks.

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