Foreign Affairs Posts ACTA Consultation Responses

The Department of Foreign Affairs has posted nearly 20 responses it received to the 2008 consultation on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.  I posted the internal report on all the responses, obtained under Access to Information, earlier this year.

One Comment

  1. The CMA response includes:
    “In the spring of 2007, both the House Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology and the House Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security concluded major studies of counterfeiting and piracy of intellectual property (IP) and goods in Canada. Committee members received evidence of automotive brake pads being made with sawdust and of prescription drugs containing dangerous additives or no active ingredients at all. Software piracy has resulted in 32,000 job losses and $345 million in lost tax revenues.”

    Where the heck did these numbers come from? And I agree automotive brakes should NOT be made from sawdust and prescription drugs should not contain dangerous additives, but these are both already illegal. And let’s not lose sight of the true reason conterfit drugs are sold in the first place, cause the real ones are over priced.