Human Rights Commission Argues For Continued Role in Addressing Online Hate

The Globe reports that Canada's Human Rights Commission has rejected suggestions that it stop investigating hate messages on the Internet, saying the issue shouldn't be left solely to the Criminal Code. The commission argues that both the criminal code and the Canadian Human Rights Act should be used to deal with the promotion of hate.


  1. Bad move by the CHRC
    Up to this point I think the CHRC could stand up against its critics by saying “Hey, we didn’t decide to take on this mandate, it’s in our legislation!” But to reject Richard Moon’s excellent recommendations, the Commission is realy embracing its role as a censor. That’s unfortunate. Hate is a cancer, but censorship is not the cure.

  2. SARKOZY SAYS 1$ FER YOU says:

    um sticks and stones will hurt my bones but names will never hurt me and why hang out where there are jerks

    sooner or later they can all be in one place by themselves and with no friends, wastes time shoulder that org be trying to get peoples privacy rights and do more on the torture fronts?
    like um whose running them needs to quit wasting money and effort on CENSORSHIP