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Alberta Health Services Hit With Privacy Breach

CBC reports that the personal health information of thousands of Albertans was skimmed from the Alberta Health Services Edmonton network in May as a computer virus infected the network. Alberta Health Services has sent letters to the 11,582 people whose information may have been captured by the virus between May 14 and May 29.


  1. Dohn Joe says:

    Go Microsoft!
    Hey – let’s keep buying Microsoft!

    (But seriously, Michael, do I have any legal grounds to demand that an organization not be permitted to store my personal information on any network built on proprietary, non-opensource components?)

  2. CBC has been sanitizing comments on this issue
    They refuse to post anything critical of M$ and their mods that are even my mates, have been instructed not to discuss the issue.

    What the heck is up with CBC lately? … been acting very weired.

  3. Also something of note…
    They were attacked by a Russian trojan and the info was sent to Ruassina dataservers.

    Most of the world’s botnets are Russian controlled.

    Most of the adaptive and vicious “smart” viri and worms are Russian.

    Most of the servers where stolen credit info is traded are Russian.

    But all we hear about is how CANADA IS THE WORLD’S LEADER IN COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT OMFG!!!!! from the damn Yanks.

    There is a problem here…………………

  4. RE: Go Microsoft!
    I totally agree. They were probably using Internet Explorer while going to a porn site. 😉