The Gatineau Copyright Roundtable: The Participants

Tonight I had the opportunity to participate in the copyright consultation roundtable in Gatineau.  The roundtable was the largest and longest to-date – 20 participants with some of the most active copyright organizations in the country in attendance.  I will follow this post with two more: one with my opening remarks and the other with a brief summary of the evening.  The full transcript and audio file should be posted in a few days.

The participants (in the order they spoke):

  1. Serge Sasseville, Quebecor
  2. John Lawford, PIAC
  3. Jeremy deBeer, University of Ottawa
  4. Steve Wills, AUCC
  5. Rick Theis, Canadian Alliance of Student Associations
  6. Michael Geist, University of Ottawa
  7. Violet Ford, Inuit Circumpolar Institute
  8. Paul Jones, CAUT
  9. Mathew Johnson, Media Awareness Network
  10. Brian Boyle, Canadian Photographers Coalition
  11. Diana Nemiroff, Canadian Museums Association
  12. Rosalie Fox, Canadian Association of Law Librarians
  13. Laura Murray, Queen's University
  14. David Keeble, Consultant
  15. Roanie Levy, Access Copyright
  16. Nancy Morrelli, Association of Canadian Archivists
  17. Jay Kerr-Wilson, Business Coalition for Balanced Copyright
  18. Graham Henderson, CRIA
  19. Jessica Litwin, Canadian Conference of the Arts
  20. Fran Cutler, CNIB

One Comment

  1. I saw Rick Theis speak at a Senate hearing some time back. He’s the man.