Canadian Copyright Consultation To Launch July 20th

There is word this weekend that the government's plans for the national copyright consultation has taken shape. The consultation will officially launch on Monday, July 20th and run for nearly two months until Sunday, September 13th. The framing of the consultation is as follows:

The Government of Canada has committed to modernizing Canada’s copyright laws, to provide meaningful rights for creators and promote the use of digital technology by its citizens.  We are consulting to ensure that all perspectives are taken into account in an open and transparent process, to help deliver new legislation in the Fall that is forward-looking, reflects Canadian values, and strengthens Canada’s ability to compete in the global digital economy.

The consultation will include roundtable discussions in locations across the country, a webcast townhall, as well as an online discussion forum.  This is the first full copyright consultation since 2001.  The consultation will be crucial as Canadians will need to speak out to ensure that the concerns associated with the failed C-61 are heard.


  1. Maupassant says:

    I’m cynical. The purpose for the consultation is so, when the bought-and-paid-for law is presented to parliament for a 3rd time, they can point to the consultation and say, “See? We consulted.”

  2. I remixed an audio response for why Bill C-61 failed (the backlash not the election), your welcome to check it out released under creative-commons non-commerical license. Made this a while ago but seems relevant now (could be much better). My opinion is if this really is a true consultation, then as many people as possible should use as many technological means as possible to respond. Show how your already using technology and how C61 would have criminalized the basic right to free speech through whatever medium one chooses.

    My 2 cents.

  3. Cynical?
    Why be cynical? the CRTC hearings have brought out the true public opinion on the disgusting practices of the incumbent ISPs. Although we will have to wait for the final decision, I have a feeling we won’t be disapointed.

    It’s up to the Canadians to prove their case much like has been done with the CRTC.

    The truth is always the best medicine. When you are right you have power irrespective of the volume of your voice.

  4. Re: Cynical?
    Unfortunately, when it comes to the Harper government, it seems that only money and greed is power to them.

  5. Christopher says:

    Re: Re: Cynical?
    Which is why the Harper government is going to spend some money to hold a public consultation, right? Oh right, it’s just a sham so they can say they consulted. Give me a break.

    Just get out and make your opinion heard.

  6. Stop The Bull Crap Over Harper
    Let speak out for us for once. It’s us against them (whatever party in Ottawa). It’s about We The People like they would say down south. Don’t fall into the trap of taking sides for a party because they all sucks and they all listen to their different lobies.

    All of us have to stand up for our rights because it won’t be a party that will do that.

    Don’t let down our defense by helping a party over an other because at the end the big corporation will always have a big word with whoever is in power.

    Freedom of speach has to be the most important thing here. I’ll take freedom of speach before copyright but the problem isn’t that clear for a lot of interest group. The balance should never tilt on the side of corporations.

  7. pat donovan says:

    told ya
    dammnit, i asked you LAST month to get the youtube contests going. NOW we have a week to do something coherant..
    mike… you (expletive deleted)..


  8. Cynicism is the easy way out
    This is actually an excellent time for progressive voices to be heard on this issue. Social networks make it possible for compelling messages to be communicated widely, effectively and cheaply, much more so than in 2001. As well, we have a minority government in power, which means we are well-positioned for influencing members of the opposition parties.

    Stay tuned for a viral social media campaign representing the interests of average Canadians. I think it can happen and I’m going to do my best to help.

  9. Thanks for the effort Professor…
    … but you know as well as I, that their decision is made.

  10. charles patten says:

    wrong approach
    the only real crime that a corporation gets charged for successfully 100% of the time is fraud, anything else is “if’s and’s & but’s” because they have the $ power to compensate

    their approach to slowly take over rights of citizens to the point of owning everything has gone to far and more and more people are starting to see that they dont live in a free society, but a society that is free as long as we do as they say

    business model analysis, revenue generation and bottom lines of corporation i did not know was a responsibility of our government

    i fail to see how our tax paying money should be wasted on a topic that is an attempt to put 18 year old non violent offenders, of a new reformed copyright law, into jail

    the fact that the government references to a WIPO treaty signed in 1997 … yes 12 years ago … cant possibly have any bearing on todays issues for multiple reasons but one of the main ones being technology changes every 3-6 months (if not faster) and therefore makes any technology related treaty obsolete before the ink drys on the paper

    this is big money trying to keep its strangle hold on an ever changing industry and its not the peoples fault

    disney, time warner and whoever else cries about their losing revenue should look at what their current business model is:

    1) who can spend $50 each time to go to the theatres and watch that super hot blockbuster, with the frequency of 1-2 per week

    2) who can spend $30-$50 on a DVD often

    3) why would i spend $30 on a music CD when I only want to listen to one song

    these and many more things can be covered but there is a theme here, lower your prices! if you do then you multiply the number of PAYING customers.

    ie: scenario one, you release a movie and people pay $50 to see a movie you get 300,000 customers so you make $15 million. scenario two, you charge $25 but then 900,000 customers pay so you make 22.5 million

    i used figurative numbers in my scenarios but mathematics 101 dosent lie, and maybe their marketing general mangagers and directors should stop taking million dollar bonuses on top of it all

    thanks for you time

  11. and make something worth paying for
    People used to be passionate about music and movies, such that they would pay money (even big money) in support of the creators. Maybe people are getting tired of the safe and predictable bet and it just isn’t worth paying the ever inflating prices for anymore.

    The big companies are too secure they only promote what they know will make money, and the small ones can’t compete with their marketting money. Our current model discourages taking risks and allows crushing their competition who might try to be innovative. It can’t stand forever, people are just going to lose interest and stop buying, whether there are free version available or not.

    At least thats the impression I get, maybe it’s just me.

  12. I’d like to attend and voice my opinion but I do not know where in Vancouver and at what time this will be held.

    Does anyone know?

  13. Ed in Calgary says:

    I’m going to speak as well. But will wait for the info to be posted.

  14. Michael Richardson says:

    President, Sandelman Software Works
    I too am cynical. I too find that the “consultations” mostly just tie up our time and energy responding to an agenda that they set. (cf “Bike Shed”)

    But, we don’t have to do it their way. We can organize to do our own thing. To have our own discussions, CONCURRENTLY with the CRTCs “consultation”