Great First Day For

It was a great first day for with thousands of visitors along with coverage from the Montreal Gazette, Radio-Canada, Ars Technica, and many blogs. Most importantly, many people used the site to speak out on copyright and followed that with a re-tweet to encourage their friends and followers to do the same.


  1. Bruce Elrick says:

    Role of Copyright in Progess
    Michael, I would be interested in your reaction and analysis of the first in a series of presentations by Paul Romer to the Long Now Foundation. He is presenting a Theory of History and talks about the rise in the standard of living at various scales over human history due to increases in absolute population and in population density causing technological progress. He then introduces the idea of rulesets (e.g. codes of human behaviour, cultural forms, government) and the introduction on new ones with competition.

    It seems to me that we are at a point in history where a country like Canada, if it were brave enough, change the rulesets, of which copyright is one, in such a way that it could result in a great advantage over other countries.

    Here is the link to the talk:

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