Hill Times Features Op-Ed Copyright Lobby Recycling

The Hill Times features a full-page opinion piece (sub req) (PDF version) based on my recent post on copyright lobby policy laundering. 


  1. Drew Wilson says:

    Way to Go!
    Way to go on that graph. When Canadians engage in the copyright debate, this is one of the mandatory pieces of information that should be known (at the very least, that policy laundering has been taking place by the copyright industry) The picture you made simplifies this complicated subject beautifully. Excellent work!

  2. Keep up the good work Michael
    I’m feeling very disappointed and betrayed by organizations that were once considered to be impartial. Governments and businesses relied on these organization’s findings to develop policy and business plans.  No more. The Conference Board, Ontario Chamber of Commerce, Environics and others involved in this scandal should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. The same happens in Brazil
    The Intellectual Property industry is forcing Brazilian laws that will make internet providers to investigate and denounce users for copyright infrigiment.

  4. Glen Merrick says:

    Yarr!!! Real Pirates in Canada? (not them fake IP stealing ones)
    I heard that the Pirate Party may be coming to Canada? Do they stand a chance at getting a seat in the house? The green party’s been fighting for years for one.

    Great article Micheal, you get quoted quite frequently over at Ars Technica. Keep up the great work.

  5. Wow, good work Michael
    Appreciate the work that you do. Excellent public service.

  6. enlightened
    I used to think they have something legitimate (albeit not significant, proportionate or important) basis for painting Canada as a problem since there are some relatively open stores around in Canada (if you look for them) where you can purchase pirated media.

    Recently, I accidentally purchased pirated dvd’s from a store at the mall of America when I stopped in the US on layover. It prominant and obvious (once I recovered from my jet lag stupour and actually looked at the stuff) enough that were there any desire to enforce copyright laws there, it wouldn’t be there, so now I’m convinced their “issues” are completely fabricated and the only basis is in self interest.

  7. Sal780535 says:

    Just wondering. Why has no one brought the 2008 Federal Accountability Act into play with the Lobbying Act? Didn’t the PM bring the Act in to regulate the behavior of lobbyists? Isn’t this a violation in some way? If these corporations are constantly lobbying the government using these these kinda reports, which they have in turn used these tricks. I find it very worrying to say the least.