Charlie Angus on Copyright Reform

Exclaim! has an interview with Charlie Angus on copyright reform.  Angus states: "Canada's copyright laws need to be updated but that isn't to say that we are in any way some kind of digital banana republic, as is being claimed by the CRIA crowd. What's really important is, are we going to have forward looking copyright or backward looking copyright?"


  1. She had me going for a moment
    until she started talking about expanding the private copying levy. And then the talk of “moral rights”. I am a professional software developer. I get paid once for my work. I don’t get credit presented to the users (the only people who know that I worked on something is the folks, generally in the company, that see my name in a piece of source). When it gets sold, I don’t get residuals, not of the first sale, nor of subsequent sales. Guess what, she isn’t likely to get much by way of sympathy from the likes of me.

    So, if I burn a Linux distribution to a CD or DVD, she wants to get paid for that (and I have done that recently).

  2. I don’t know how
    but this was supposed to be submitted to the “Must Read” on the ACTRA chair.