Facebook Settles With Privacy Commissioner of Canada

Lots of coverage this morning on the remarkable Facebook settlement, which represents a major success for Canadian privacy and CIPPIC (which launched the case). The best source of information on the forthcoming changes come from the Privacy Commissioner's letter to CIPPIC. Podcast of the press conference available here.


  1. Don’t blink
    The privacy commissioner called a press conference to hype this up but all thats really going to change is there is going to be a few more boxes that you have to check that correspond to the rights you lose. I think its a bit strange that the privacy commissioner has a press conference and when the news talks to Facebook they do a conference call, I think it has to do with Facebook knowing that the piracy settings don’t effect much in terms of sign-ups. Great to see that the privacy commissioner thinks shes hip dealing with Facebook and she can hype her relevance all she wants but I have a feeling we’re all gonna have RFIDs in our heads within the next 5 years because of her inaction on real world problems.