Tracking the Copyright Consultation Submissions: July 25-30, 2009

As promised, I will continue to update the key points found in the hundreds of submissions received by the government as part of the copyright consultation.  The July 20 – 24th summary was posted here.  This chart bring the data up to July 30th (note that the government has already posted some of the submissions from a few later days).  Further, with five weeks left in the consultation, what are you waiting for – speak out on copyright today!

Position Number of Supporters
Submissions against another Bill C-61 222
Submissions in favour of shorter copyright term 49
Submissions against anti-circumvention or in favour of limiting DRM/Digital locks 270
Submissions in favour of stronger personal use/copying and backup protections 243
Submissions in favour of an “open copyright” system 8
Submissions advocating an end to the Crown Copyright 4
Submissions opposed to adopting an American-styled DMCA 21
Submissions in favour of stronger fair use/fair dealing protections 34
Submissions opposed to implementing WIPO 4
Submissions in favour of eliminating all copyright 2
Submissions against a three-strikes rule 10
Submissions that favour a “notice and notice” approach 213
Submissions in favour of instituting a levy for file-sharing 6
Submissions in favour of greater exemptions for education/research 10
Submissions in favour of establish a good-faith defence that the user believed their use of a work was fair and non-infringing 213
Submissions in favour of laws that are technologically neutral 6
Submissions that argue individuals should be able to share media for free as long as they are not profiting off the media 6
Submissions in favour of stronger penalties for copyright infringement 2
Submissions in favour of turning copyright into a crime 1
Submissions against works being available in digital or other forms for free 20
Submissions arguing for more support for writers 6
Submissions in favour of implementing WIPO 1

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