Tracking the Copyright Consultation Submissions: July 31 – August 9, 2009

As promised, I will continue to update the key points found in the hundreds of submissions received by the government as part of the copyright consultation.  The July 20 – 24th summary was posted here, July 25 – 30th here.  This chart bring the data up to August 9th, though more submissions for these dates may still be coming.  Further, with four weeks left in the consultation, what are you waiting for – speak out on copyright today!

Position Number of Supporters
Submissions against another Bill C-61 400
Submissions in favour of shorter copyright term 64
Submissions against anti-circumvention or in favour of limiting DRM/Digital locks 465
Submissions in favour of stronger personal use/copying and backup protections 431
Submissions in favour of an “open copyright” system 9
Submissions advocating an end to the Crown Copyright 10
Submissions opposed to adopting an American-styled DMCA 29
Submissions in favour of stronger fair use/fair dealing protections 49
Submissions opposed to implementing WIPO 6
Submissions in favour of eliminating all copyright 2
Submissions against a three-strikes rule 12
Submissions that favour a “notice and notice” approach 389
Submissions in favour of instituting a levy for file-sharing 12
Submissions in favour of greater exemptions for education/research 17
Submissions in favour of establish a good-faith defence that the user believed their use of a work was fair and non-infringing 388
Submissions in favour of laws that are technologically neutral 10
Submissions that argue individuals should be able to share media for free as long as they are not profiting off the media 12
Submissions in favour of stronger penalties for copyright infringement 2
Submissions in favour of turning copyright into a crime 1
Submissions against works being available in digital or other forms for free 44
Submissions arguing for more support for writers 21
Submissions in favour of implementing WIPO 2
Submissions promoting a collective licensing scheme 3
Submissions in favour of limiting file sharing 1
Submissions in favour of fining those who violate copyright laws 2


  1. Sébastien Duquette says:

    “Submissions against works being available in digital or other forms for free”

    Are there really people asking for this ? I didn’t look at the submissions but this sounds strange to me. I would understand people asking that their work should not be shared on the Internet without their consent, but asking that works should not be made available for free ? I mean, seriously ? If I write a book and decide to give it for free it’s my own business. Same goes for any form of work.

  2. @Sébastien@Sébastien
    Who do you really think is behind this submission? What they don’t want is artist having success uploading their music/creations on the net for free and make a better living without the need of the Industry that is sucking our beloved artist’s blood, how much in percentage do you think they are really getting off the sales? Not much, so if the couple of groups of musicians actually uploading their music for free starts to have great success they are scared all of them will follow and lose their grip on the rights to works that they use to make a lot of un-legitimate profits. In fact it is how it should be, this way unknown artists/creators can get recognize not just locally or nationally but rather worldwide. Everyone should know that they make more money from the concerts anyways so it will benefit them to have a lot more people aware of their works/creations. It’s not to protect the artist but rather again make sure they stay in their grip so they can continue sucking them off from everything they create.

  3. pat donovan says:

    I begin to regret my original explosion, given the diversity
    it’s the same impluse that makes me want to club conservatives, thou…
    watch the film youtube/area163 then figure out what happens when both the formal amd underground ecos fail.
    china-town HD, anyone?


  4. This is really interresting!
    You oughta know.

  5. How many submissions?
    Michael, when you post these summaries an indication of the total number of submissions would be useful as well, to put the scales in perspective. For instance, based on the numbers above I can deduce that there were at least 465 submissions. However, it would be useful to have some sort of idea about what percentage of the submissions incorporated each position.

  6. Can I just clarify what a levi is? is it a small fee in order to file share? one of the above stated a levi for the right to file share? this might be a fair compramise if it were at a reasonable monthly fee for unlimited downloading.

  7. @Observer
    I think I may be too dense, I couldn’t figure out what that article is getting at.