Tracking the Copyright Consultation Submissions: July 20 – 24, 2009

As the number of submissions to the copyright consultation continues to grow, summarizing each submission has proven too difficult.  I'll be posting regular updates that track the main points of the various submissions instead.  Further, with less than six weeks left in the consultation, what are you waiting for – speak out on copyright today!

Position Number of Supporters
Submissions against another Bill C-61 90
Submissions in favour of shorter Copyright term 34
Submissions against anti-circumvention or in favour of limiting DRM/Digital locks 114
Submissions in favour of stronger personal use/copying and backup protections 100
Submissions in favour of an “open copyright” system 7
Submissions advocating an end to the Crown Copyright 3
Submissions opposed to adopting an American-styled DMCA 15
Submissions in favour of stronger fair use/fair dealing protections 17
Submissions opposed to implementing WIPO 4
Submissions in favour of eliminating all copyright 2
Submissions against a three-strikes rule 4
Submissions that favour a “notice and notice” approach 83
Submissions in favour of instituting a levy for file-sharing 4
Submissions in favour of greater exemptions for education/research 6
Submissions in favour of establish a good-faith defence that the user believed their use of a work was fair and non-infringing 83
Submissions in favour of stronger penalties for copyright infringement 1
Submissions in favour of turning copyright into a crime 1


  1. Macho Philipovich says:

    Winnipeg consultation closed to the public
    I was waiting to hear about how to participate in tonight’s copyright consultation in Winnipeg, and now I find out I’m being locked out!

  2. I wonder who submitted support for stronger penalties for copyright infringement and turning copyright into a crime? :/

    But dammit I wanted to be part of this consultation but the stubborn government wanted to make things more “full of themselves” and not for the public.

  3. Missing Submissions
    I’m getting the distinct impression that not all of the submissions have been posted for these dates. I submitted a professional submission in on the 25th, and it’s not listed. I’ve heard of several cases where friends of mine also posted submissions on dates that are available to view that were not posted as well. What gives?

  4. Drew Wilson says:

    Re: Missing Submissions
    I had a submission on, I think, the 20th. It appeared a couple days later. Give it a few days, it’ll appear I’m sure. The number of submissions being made, last I checked, skyrocketted. So I wouldn’t blame them for being slow to posting the tonnes and tonnes of submissions the consultation is recieving.

  5. Re: Missing Submissions
    Thanks drew, just checked it’s there now.

  6. We.Are.Legion says:

    Why this debate is OVER
    Liberal leader is a member of a copyright collective as is Jack layton
    They are all bought and paid for. Unless we all vote green whom has not only a solid environmental platform but a real solid policy of copyright and patent reform.

    This is it kids you fall asleep this fall and its game over for all that fun in da sun.
    We need to get rid of conservatives and liberals AND the NDP period.

    This is why Charlie Angus was silenced because Jack layton is a member of a writers union.

    Perhaps if Charlie joined the greens or even that pirate party ( who btw has such wishy washy leadership and policies that after 3 months i gave up on them utterly , fact i had to argue about file sharing as a part of a platform indicates that as well as 75% of the membership isn’t even pirates its “marketing students” looking for the next napster like idea )


    The real pirates and the real hackers and the real citizens of Canada are going to let you all know that we won’t tolerate much more of this rights taking and blatant price gouging and laziness of actors , writers, and musicians any more.

    Silencing us will only invalidate you.
    Allowing industry shills and lawyers ONLY to speak and the winnipeg closed meeting shows another form of an ACTA style move.

  7. Grandfather Technology says:

    Commen Sense
    Well lets say this….I have been told over and over and OVER again that I am allowed to download a movie, lets say Lord of the Rings Return of the King in this case, from my TV. Well this is legal is it not? or can I get fined for doing this? NO I CAN’T so tell me what the difference is if I download if from a peer-to-peer sight? the only difference is where I got it. NOT HOW I GOT IT…so in essence were going to be fined on how we get our media not the fact that we have it. If its played on TV its fair game, that’s pretty black and white is it not.

  8. JustThatKindAGuy says:

    RE: Commen Sense
    First off, spell Common correctly(Daft!)

    Secondly, where are the revenues coming from on the sites you download your music from, and where are those proceeds actually going, other than to the site owners themselves? On broadcast networks, they must pay their royalties to organizations that keep the creative arts flourishing…

    Why would anybody want to write music which inspires so many minds, or perform in any other fashion, if they are doing it for free?

    Do you go and sit your arse at work and do whatever it is you do without the expectation of being paid?

    Although I do understand to a great extend why this debate can be so easily skewed.. Clearly you have never created anything or you would understand something of self-worth…

    You sir Grandfather Technology, are just plain stupid!