Rogers Restructures Bill: Drops System Access Fee, Adds Government Regulatory Recovery Fee

The National Post reports Rogers will become the first of the big three wireless companies to drop the system access fee as a line-item in customers' bills.  In its place, the company is incorporating the cost into plan fees (ie. plan costs are increasing) and adding a "government regulatory recovery fee."


  1. That’s funny…

    Rogers already increased my plan by $5 when they bought Fido. They also added the $6.95 SAF + 911 fee and started to charge me for txt to the US.

    Thank god we have such a competitive market in this country. I can’t wait til there are more options. Fido/Rogers won’t be able to offer me anything to stick around.

  2. More bull crap…

    Long distance to a 905 number in Milton?

    As soon as I can jump ship I’m gone. I’m tired on this crap.

  3. Rogers will ruin anything, not only iPhone.
    Here it is:

  4. Yet more bull crap from Rogers

    Yep, on each mail they send me “You’ve got mail from X. Send “Read” to read”

    Before that, they were delivering the e-mail directly. Now, they want me to pay $5 to get this option back.

    Fuck you Rogers.

  5. No big surprise there
    Every time a big company ever complains about something and doesn’t get their way, thats what they do.

  6. In Ontario
    they drop the $6.95 SAF and the $0.50 e911 fee (total of $7.45), increase the basic rate $5 and add a $2.58 GRRF (total $7.58)… they win (another $0.13 per month per user), customers lose.

    And they admit it isn’t government mandated, just there to recover 9-1-1 costs, spectrum licence costs, LNP costs, and CRTC contribution costs. Be nice to see a breakdown of those.

  7. Cable bills too
    Rogers called me the other day, to ‘go over my bill’ with me and explain the changes. First was the new CRTC fee (

  8. Cable bills too
    First entry failed..trying again.

    Rogers called me the other day, to ‘go over my bill’ with me and explain the changes. First was the new CRTC fee (

  9. No, they did not
    I just got my statement from Rogers with access fee included. When I inquired, they told me that they will still charge the existing customers the fee until the contracts expire (in my case 2.5 years). New customers will not be charged access fee but will be charged the equivalent under new name. I cannot really see the difference. I will still be paying the access fee until my contract expires and afterward I will be paying it under different name. So what is the difference???

  10. @Abattoir
    If I understand the fees correctly, the “new” CRTC fee isn’t completely new. Rather it is an increase in something that they’ve already been paying which is to be specifically directed to the new “Local Programming Improvement Fund”. It appears that all of the cable/satellite providers are trying to put their own spin on this, at the same time as the TV networks are trying to get consumers pissed at the “broadcasting distribution companies” for passing on the costs of something that was asked for by the TV networks.

  11. Candians can get US cell phones and pay US plans…
    Got a credit card? You can get on most any US plan and phone.

    Met a trucker the other day who lives in BC, but has a Montana phone through Verizon. Even with the roaming charges from using it up here all the time, she saves 30%+ over any of the others.

    Made some calls and YUP! If the phone is GSM (Rogers) or CDMA (Telus), it’ll work North America wide.

    The only downer is stuck with a US phone number…

  12. Yet more fees…
    …from the company that believes you should pay a cable “license” for every TV in your house. So stupid.

  13. Higher fees & some other Rogers tips.
    Indirectly work for Rogers. At least I can get a job with them. Other companies outsource most of their support jobs overseas. The new fees do work out to a bit more, but you get up to $8 of features free (albeit less popular ones). I hate high prices too. I can’t agree enough that mobile prices are way too high in Canada. I can’t even afford one, and I work for Rogers! A little free info > 1.If you are on a plan w/ SAF and 911 fees, then nothing changes until you do a hardware upgrade or change your plan. 2.If you have a new plan, think about the creative ways you can use the free 2500min of call forwarding. For the sharp ones out there, there is a real interesting loophole that can be utilized w/ the service. 3. Iphone prices are high because Apple charges a high price. Read any recent informative news release about Telus getting the product. Rogers is happy about it. 4. Data promotions are the only way to go, but you have to ask about them and they only come along about once a year. 5. Comparing the data services of Bell/Telus and Rogers is comparing apples to oranges. One of Rogers biggest competitive advantages is they chose a world technology, and Bell chose an old antequated tech. Easy mistake. In closing, TELL EM YOU WILL QUIT within the last year of your commitment! You can get some REALLY GREAT deals, as long as you pay your bills and don’t have a basic plan on the account. 🙂

  14. M. Armstrong says:

    Refuse to tell you anything
    I tried to get Rogers to provide me this information in writing, stating the changes, and the breakdown of the fees. Every Rogers person I talked to refused to do so. Some said that they didn’t have the resources available. Others just kind of stuttered and said that they’d have to transfer me to a different department. For a company that says they’re number 1 in customer service, they’re pretty shitty IMO. The “Government Regulatory Recovery Fee” isn’t even mandated. This is all just so Rogers can get more money from customers and not improve anything.

    “Oh we have to! The Government makes us!” Bull s**t! Rogers slaps on the word Government to make themselves seem like the good guys and the Government the badguys.

    We seriously need another GSM provider up here. One that’s not tied to Rogers (Fido, I’m looking at you). Once Bell and Telus switch over to GSM, I’m sure things will change. But that’s a long time coming!

  15. only on new contracts
    just discovered they drop the $6.95 fee on new “contracts” only. So, we who they’ve been hosing for a decade or more and who refuse a contract, get nada.

  16. Class action lawsuit
    I jointed the class action lawsuit. Hopefully, one day I will get some of my system access charges back!

  17. Bob Bobson says:

    Whatever happened to the class action suit? Is it dead? Is it still going? What?

    We don’t even use wireless and our Rogers home-phone (landline) account has a $6 SAF.

    If the suit is still alive, then we’ll sign up to recover as much of the fraudulently gained money that Rogers has scammed us out of.

  18. Perhaps Dr. Geist could explain exactly what is a “Government Regulatory Recovery Fee?” The wording makes it sound that it is a fee mandated by the Government, whereby, Rogers is required to charge customers.