ACTA Attracts Wide Canadian Media Coverage

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement generated wide media coverage in Canada yesterday as a web-based press conference sponsored by Quebec's Union des consommateurs (I was a participant) and a Charlie Angus press conference put the issue in the spotlight.  Media coverage includes articles from, Canadian Press, and Radio-Canada. also covered the press conference.


  1. Not wide enough. The more people that know about this, the better for everyone (except the lobbyists)

  2. Captain Hook says:

    Agreed. There is not a word in the Globe, the Star, or the Post.

    This whole treaty is as bad (or worse) than prorogation, but unfortunately it flies below the radar of most Canadians.

  3. Not wide enough
    And the coverage of copyright issues in general is not wide enough, especially in Quebec. It seems like there is a collusion between the media, the politicians and the oligarchs behind ACTA.

  4. strunk&white says:

    not lengthy enough
    Don’t forget the lobbyists. And the churches, and the church lobbyists, and the oligarchic media baron lobby church collusionists.

    This conspiracy has no beginning and no end.