NDP MP Charlie Angus Demands ACTA Answers

NDP MP Charlie Angus used the launch of the ACTA talks in Mexico to issue a four-page letter to International Trade Minister Peter Van Loan demanding answers on ACTA.  The letter challenges the government's secretive approach on ACTA and delves into a wide range of substantive issues including the prospect of mandated DMCA-style legislation.  Angus also held a press conference and issued a release on the need for more openness on the ACTA talks.


  1. Leadership on this issue leads into votes
    It is because of Mr. Angus’ leadership on this issue and the NDPs stance on copyright reform that I voted NDP last election. That’s after voting Conservative for the last 25 years. A voting trend I do not think I’m alone in .. pay attention politicians!

  2. The Only Problem is…
    Van “Loath” will not answer directly, nor he would tell the truth about this…like most old typical Conservatives, except for some who is willing to solves issues sooner than later (Moore, Clement, etc.).

  3. While I applaud the request
    I can’t imagine that he is going to get a public answer on this; the Liberal and NDP shadow cabinet may get a not for public dissemination, briefing. The reason? The direction would indicate how far the government is willing to bend in the negotiations. To publicly state this would undermine the negotiating position of the Canadian government. Use this as an example. When you buy a house, do you initially offer as much as you are willing to pay, or do you offer less than that? In the case of ACTA, of course the USTR is going to ask for the world. That does not, however, mean that is what they are willing to settle for.

    With respect to a comparison to the WIPO Copyright Treaty, at what point in the WCT negotiations did IC post the information it did, what were the negotiating conditions (for instance, was it expected/encouraged that the parties would publicly post position papers), and how long did the negotiations last? I don’t know this, I’ve been trying to find some info on it but have been unable. If it was well on into the negotiations, when much of the treaty had been agreed to and there were just a few sticking points left, that is a very different beast from posting early in the negotiations and shouldn’t be viewed as anything but, and likely shouldn’t be used as an example.

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