Rep. Mike Doyle on ACTA

Congressman Mike Doyle on ACTA: "The USTR has communicated to me that ACTA won’t cement current provisions in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act – provisions that I’d like to see changed, like the anti-circumvention provision.  And they’ve said that ACTA won’t require Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to become “copyright cops” above current law. " 


  1. So…
    …we’re just supposed to take the word of the USTR? How about some actual visual evidence?

  2. baaah
    Exactly. How “aboot” some transparency?

    All talk no show. One lie after another.

    Maybe Mike Doyle found the o-ring in Iraq as well (big smoking gun)?

  3. Dwight Williams says:

    Rep. Doyle might believe the USTR…
    …or perhaps is simply reporting what they told him, whether he believes a word of it or not. One hopes that he will maintain the vigilance he promises.