LawBuzz Libel Shutdown Sparks Messy Litigation

Lawbuzz, a Canadian online chat site devoted to the legal profession, has shut down following a libel lawsuit.  The Law Times reports that an Ontario lawyer is speaking out against the site for failing to protect the identity of confidential posters.

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  1. Funny interpretation
    Just thought I should point out that at no time did I try to “speak out” against the site for identifying me as part of the litigation. The article makes it clear that I have never been anonymous and thus any efforts the site would have made to protect anonymity would never had done me any good.

    When asked by the reporter about the issue I suggested that I would have preferred the site had taken steps to protect the identity of the confidential bloggers.

    Please let me know when you get around to correcting this.



  2. Geist, I have to agree with lawdog. Your editorial choice of words is a bit funny.

    Here is what lawdog said: “Is there a principle they could have followed that if they offered anonymity, they should have stuck up for the contributors? That would have been nice.”

    Doesn’t sound like “speaking out” to me. More like mere musing that perhaps they shouldn’t have just handed over identities so easily.

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