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Toward an ACTA Super-Structure: How ACTA May Replace WIPO

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For the past two years, most of the ACTA discussion has centered on two issues: (1) substantive concerns such as the possibility of three strikes and a renegotiation of the WIPO Internet treaties; and (2) transparency issues.  The leak of the comprehensive ACTA text highlights the fact that a third issue should be part of the conversation.  The text reveals that ACTA is far more than a simple trade agreement.  Rather, it envisions the establishment of a super-structure that replicates many of the responsibilities currently assumed by the World Intellectual Property Organization.  Given the public acknowledgement by negotiating countries that ACTA is a direct response to perceived gridlock at WIPO, some might wonder whether ACTA is ultimately designed to replace WIPO as the primary source of international IP law and policy making.

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Lessig and Goldsmith on ACTA’s Constitutional Concerns

Professors Larry Lessig and Jack Goldsmith published an op-ed in the Washington Post explaining why ACTA raises serious constitutional concerns in the United States.

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Industry Canada To Launch Spectrum Auction Consultations

The Wire Report reports on Industry Canada's plans for spectrum auctions in the 700 and 2500 MHz bands

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