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CBC’s The Current on Broadband Access

I appeared on CBC’s the Current to discuss broadband access as Google looks for communities to test its new super-high-speed broadband network. Also on the program were Kelly Kirschner, George Reid and Tony Clement. The podcast is available here under Pt 2 Broadband Access. This relates to my column where I discuss the need for a Canadian digital policy.

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Writers’ Union of Canada: Flexible Fair Dealing Legalizes Theft

The Charlie Angus fair dealing motion has stirred up considerable anger from the Writers' Union of Canada.  The organization's copyright committee is urging its members to write to their Members of Parliament to protest motion, advising them to use speaking points that include equating flexible fair dealing with theft, claiming […]

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McGrath on the CRTC Decisions

Denis McGrath posts an insightful analysis of this week's CRTC broadcast policy decisions, accounting for a broad range of perspectives.

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CRTC’s Fee-For-Carriage/Value-For-Signal Report: Minority Report Steals the Show

The CRTC released its follow-up report to cabinet yesterday on the consumer impact of new fees associated with fee-for-carriage/value-for-signal (as a side note, the Commission's approach on releases – the financial reports on broadcasters and BDUs last week, the broadcast policy on Monday, and the consumer impact the following day – feels far too manipulative and staged.  There was no good reason not to release the broadcast policy and its consumer impact simultaneously).

The Commission conclusion amounts to an acknowledgement that prices will go up, but it believes that Canadians will continue to pay based on past experience of steady price increases imposed by cable and satellite companies.  It states:

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