Kroeger Award for Policy Leadership

I am honoured and delighted to report that I have been named one of the winners of the annual Arthur Kroeger College Awards for Public Affairs.  I received the award for Policy Leadership.  Other winners include Globe and Mail columnist Jeffrey Simpson, Purdy Crawford, Hire Immigrants Ottawa, and Al Johnson.


  1. Well deserved Michael. I for one would be totally ignorant of our digital political landscape if were not for you.

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  3. Congrats, and well deserved. You once said that the internet almost has a self defense mechanism when threatened. You should take pride in helping us form what would be our digital future and being part of that defense. A documentary series you should really watch and I think you’ll enjoy, is the BBC’s The Virtual Revolution. Besides the fact that Vince Cerf (co-inventor of the net) looks like and talks like the architect from the matrix movies, it’s an excellent documentary series on the Internet, and that recent events show us how important this form of communication is, and will be for humanity. I think that reality is starting to sink in now, on this and other debates with what to do with this technology.

    I’m glued to my computer screen when I read this blog everyday. Very exciting times we are in. Very historic times too. Have faith that the universe will unfold as it should, and that the positive aspects of humanity will prevail.

  4. Congratulaties! A well-deserved win!

  5. Congratulations, sir!