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ALDE Hearing on ACTA in Brussels

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to participate in a hearing on ACTA in Brussels sponsored by Members of the European Parliament Alexander Alvaro and Marietje Schaake.  Other participants included Luc Devigne, the head of the European ACTA delegation, and representatives from eBay and EuroISPA.  The full video of the hearing is posted below.  My presentation begins just after the 5:00 minute mark.



  1. I welcome your posting of the video from the ACTA-hearing!

    I regret that you do not post it in a format that allows downloading. That way we are not able to ourself document and keep such a document offline. We are then in the hands of someone that choose to consider the material inappropriate or wanting to censor it in a future.

    Please consider additionally making it public in another format.

    “An admirer”

  2. angry_citizen says:

    what a fucking asshole
    Mr. Devigne is being a bold faced liar in this video. Inspite of all the evidence, he claims there’s no companies involved (though employees of companies have received ACTA documents, at the least), and he’s saying three strikes has not been proposed, despite it being in the footnotes of the relevant passage.

    That guy has the guts to lie all the people in the room right into their faces by interpreting their questions just to the letter, not the spirit. What a fucking prick.

  3. Download the video
    Just made a dump here:

    You can view it in your Firefox/Chrome browser.