Globe on Canadian Copyright

The Globe featured two stories on copyright yesterday: one on the levy and another on the consultation and form letters.


One Comment

  1. It’ll be interesting to see after this whole Jaffer business in Ottawa, exactly how lobbying is going to be playing out in the copyright bill. Interesting discussion on CBC’s At Issue tonight on lobbying. There may not be a political temperament for any type of copyright reform that doesn’t reflect the public’s voice ie, what came out of the consultation. The Jaffer case may have come at a really good time to keep the corporate lobby at bay here in the legislation.

    The April 22nd episode of “At Issue” hasn’t been posted yet on CBC’s website, but when it is I would recommend viewing for all.

    On the other hand I do seriously hope the Conservatives do have corporate lobby written all over this new bill. The Canadian people will finally send them packing, along with the conservative party.