ACTA Round 11 Begins: Locking Out Civil Society

As the latest round of ACTA negotiations begins in Japan, PIJIP posts on what appears to be a concerted effort to exclude civil society groups from the meeting.  PIJIP is not alone with their concern – Members of the European Parliament have written to Japanese officials to request an opportunity to participate as well.


  1. I think the true agenda behind ACTA is to privatize and kick the working class off the internet which the selected few would reserve it all to themselves.


  2. “At each ACTA negotiation since New Zealand, the negotiators have made time to meet with civil society representatives attending the meeting. This is really the only opportunity given to ever meet with a large group of negotiators. But the meetings are getting less and less substantive and this one appears designed to ensure that no NGOs show up.”

    Could this possibly be an attempt to save face as the deal implodes?

  3. @crockett
    well, that would be nice…but somehow I doubt it.
    I think its more likely that the negotiators are trying to stave off the inevitable blowback of a completed treaty.