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CIRA has taken on the Domain Registry of Canada, a registrar that has been accused of domain slamming. DROC has responded by suing CIRA for $10 million.


  1. As always
    Let’s hope they sue each other into oblivion.

  2. Good riddance
    CIRA = Canadian Internet Registration Authority
    CRIA = Canadian Recording Industry Association

    It’s about time DROC lost their license. They intentionally try to deceive domain owners, both by trying to trick them into transferring their domain from an existing registrar with a fake invoice, and by trying to trying to get users to “renew” domains their don’t actually own (i.e. they register on their own then “invoice” for the renewal).

    Their name and correspondence is also designed to appear as though they are an official regulating body (like CIRA or ICANN).