Canada’s Digital TV Transition: Before vs. After

The Canadian Media Guild has posted two maps comparing the availability of transmitters before and after the planned digital transition.


  1. Rude Shock
    FTA title : “Canadians in for a rude shock after transition to digital TV”

    Can honestly say the big big “transition” means diddly to me. I already found TV rude, years ago; “free” isn’t cheap enough, to get me to sit in front of 20″ worth of ads every hour – would rather do without. Analog signal. Digital signal. They could use blue lasers into I/O towers on each home, as far as I’m concerned.

  2. I watch all the tv shows recorded online now has a good archive of TV shows, and instead of watching them live for 30 minutes a day I watch them recorded for 20 minutes a day.

  3. I’ll be unplugged
    For those living in the ‘black dot’ analog TV areas that is slated to disappear, often the only TV station they get is CBC, now that will be gone. No USA signals here either. Doesn’t a portion of my taxes go towards the operation and funding of CBC? Do I recall a mandate that CBC should be available to all Canadians?

    I heard rumors of the CRTC changing the carriage rules to allow free transmission of local/regional channels via satellite. Apart from having to pay upfront for the equipment I think that would be a fair compromise.

  4. No TV is a good thing. Stopped watching it years ago.

  5. I am from USA and I watch tv shows on hulu..

  6. that is the most fantastic news that i had ever heard.. thanx for the upudate..

  7. Steven Parry says:

    What about Canadians who cannot afford Cable or Satellite TV? Do Cable and Satellite companies now control our government?
    I have just returned from working the summer in Europe and cannot believe that the government simply cut Canadians access to analogue TV signals. What about Canadian citizens who cannot afford $50-60 for cable or satellite TV? Do they have no say as to the services they have had for years- generations, being arbitrarily cut off. I cannot understand why there is not an uproar about this. The cable/satellite companies charge far too much as it is and dictate their monopoly rates to citizen – now do they dictate to the government also. What a load of bullshit. I want to join or start a petition to have the government pay for every single household’s digital-analogue conversion box. Please contact me