No Creator Group Consensus on C-32

Last week I posted on an ACTRA document that identified consensus positions on C-32 among many creator groups.  I have received a request to remove the link to the ACTRA document on the grounds that it was posted prematurely as it turns out there is not yet consensus among all groups listed in the document on the various C-32 issues.

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  1. Question remains, why would ACTRA post this document if it was premature on consensus? This was from recollection a document hosted on the ACTRA site. They could have very well e-mailed the document to the interested parties rather than posting it publically on their site. I think some are getting cold feet with respect to the graduated response issues raised in this document, and having to face backlash from politicians, consumers, and the general public on such a policy proposal, especially since C32 in on its way to committee after this week.

    I’m expecting a very wide open and very public conversation with whatever is brought up in committee, and fail to see any support for the graduated response from politicians during an election year. In fact those calling for the graduated response would be lucky to not get grilled on this policy by politicians.

    I also think that creators themselves (outside the usual industry trolls) are having issues with the graduated response as well. I guess we’ll find out when the final draft of this document is posted, to see how much, if anything has changed. Interesting times, but I so seriously can’t take the “premature” excuse on ACTRA is giving to remove the link. I think there’s much more at play here. I think Geist, you should have kept the link up. If they wanted to remove it, it was hosted on the ACTRA servers, they could have easily done this themselves. I say repost it!

  2. If the document was made publically available, than there should have been no need to remove it regardless. The public has a right to know on who’s calling for the graduated response, and shouldn’t be hinding behind Geist to help censor their views on public policy from the general public.

  3. Refuse to comply, that’s I would do for whatever reason.