CRTC and Shaw Launch UBB Consultations

The CRTC and Shaw have both announced public consultations on usage based billing.  The CRTC notice invites public comment on its UBB policy with a deadline of April 29, 2011 to file comments (earlier if you wish to participate and receive copies of all submissions).  I’ll comment further shortly.  Meanwhile, Shaw has announced a customer consultation on usage based billing and committed to delaying any implementation until completion of the consult.


  1. At least one of the big companies has seen some reason…but too late for me. I cancelled Shaw’s services as of tomorrow and am now going with MTS who offer faster speeds then I am currently getting with Shaw and no limits or caps to downloads. Sorry Shaw…a little late to the party.

  2. The questions posed by the CRTC seem extremely bias. I don’t agree with the level of questioning and terminology used to attract public comment. I think this has more to do with access to the digital marketplace, not on what constitutes a “heavy user” and if small ISP’s should be “allowed” to continue to offer alternatives.

    However personal biases aside on the leading questions the CRTC has imposed, I’ve already posted my submission:

    KvF should do the right thing and resign! I’m not impressed at all by this current call for comments. Very, very leading and telling.

  3. Hannah Newman says:

    I am also a Shaw customer and am surprised to discover that there were enough customers who will suitably annoyed by the cap reduction/enforcement regime starting 1 January 2011 to actually do something about it.

    Unfortunately, for Shaw, it encouraged me to look elsewhere, beyond Telus, to find that there other options out there. I suspect I will also be saying goodbye to Shaw.

  4. Both these little UBB consultations are such a waste of time, because they are incompetent if they don’t know the answer or corrupt with greed if they ignore the reality. They might as well as if people want to drink water mixed with feces. I would like to see one Shaw customer educated on the reality of the situation come out in favour of UBB. Reminds me of the B.S. “customers want DRM” nonsense.

  5. As a 100mb Shaw Customer…
    I don’t want hard caps…
    I love the feeling of freedom that 100/5 brings.
    I want everyone to experience this!
    $150/month hurts.
    Every Canadian should have this experience…
    It’s Digital Destiny.