Conservatives and Bloc Negotiating C-32 Deal?

The Wire Report reports that the Conservatives and the Bloc are negotiating a deal on C-32 that would allow for the bill to pass in return for several reforms including the removal of fair dealing for education and the exception for broadcasters.

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  1. Corruption
    My God Michael, how do you deal with this all the time? I follow all of this but you see the self-serving corruption of our leaders every day. You must have very thick skin!

    Ask any normal everyday citizen about these issues and it’s crystal clear what the people want, what’s in our bests interests. Yet those wants have no place at all in the decisions being made. It’s all about deals and lobbying and back scratching.

    It doesn’t matter who we vote for, this behaviour goes on unimpeded.

    There’s got to be a better way.

  2. Wait I thought dealing with the bloc was ‘evil.’ I guess it’s only evil when somebody other than Harper does it.

  3. But the Bloc IS evil. They will help the Conservatives pass C-32 in an even more unpopular form than they originally proposed.


  4. *sigh* And so ends any hope of actual real copyright reform that was actually made in Canada. We’ll just do what we aleays do, copy the US and screw it up more than them.

  5. @Chris:

    What Obama wants Obama gets. Although it’s quite funny to see the Bloc licking his boot too.


  6. Wasn’t the extension of the levy foremost on the Bloc demands? Would the Conservatives actually agree to that after their little staged event in the mall and propoganda depicting the Liberals as evil “tax-happy” gremlins in support of extending this levy?

  7. @MikeB:

    An even better question: should “creators” publishing their work with “digital locks” be entitled to receive a share from the “format transfer” levies? Since according to C-32, you’re not permitted to “format transfer” these materials under any circumstances?


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