Burberry, Louis Vuitton Seek Millions in Damages For Counterfeiting Using Current Canadian Law

Burberry and Louis Vuitton have filed lawsuits against three Canadian companies seeking millions in damages for selling counterfeit handbags and other products. The lawsuit relies on current trademark and copyright law.


  1. It also involves actual property.

  2. So what
    Just because a few people are sued civilly doesn’t mean the laws are adequate. You should know better as a law prof…We still have organized crime groups yet it is illegal to be a part of an organized crime group…in that case, the law is not practical as the onus on the Crown is too great to prove association and membership and that there are crimes involved. So just because someone is sued, it doesn’t mean a law is adequate as you often say it is.

  3. @Eric: “It also involves actual property. ”

    Like this?—-genocide-maybe.shtml

    I can definitely see where someone may mistake a painting of a bag for a real bag.


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