Pandora: High Costs Keeping Us Out of Canada

The National Post posts a letter from Pandora’s Tim Westergren, in which he notes that: “I think it’s very important that Canadian listeners understand that Pandora is eager to launch in Canada, but the rates that have been proposed by the Canadian music rights societies are simply uneconomic.”


  1. I’d probably start listening to music again if they came in. As it stands, I tend to listen to CBC radio one because it’s better than the local rock station. And more interesting.

    But the Canadian rights organizations need to actually want to move forward with the rest of the world for that to happen. And telecommunications to. Or the Government needs to intervene, but I doubt they will. Kind of sad how we’ve become so top heavy that real innovation is prevented.

  2. Tim is wrong
    No, Tim Westergren is clearly wrong about why he won’t bring Pandora to Canada. Cue Graham Henderson to correct Tim (because of course Mr. Henderson knows better than Mr. Westergren why Mr. Westergren won’t bring his company to Canada) and explain that it’s because Canadians are dirty rotten thieving pirates (Yar!) and no other reason.

  3. drunkenangel23 says:

    How does Slacker do it?
    I can certainly understand Mr. Westergren’s concerns with the Canadian marketplace if the rates are too high. What I’m confused about is the presence of Slacker Radio in the Canadian market. Do they not have a similar business model? Are they getting cheaper rates than would be afforded to Pandora?