Petition Launched in Opposition to CETA

A new petition has been launched against the Canada – European Union Trade Agreement.  The inclusion of copyright in the agreement is referenced as reason to oppose the agreement.

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  1. Kevin Plemel says:

    ACTA copyright inclusion in the EU trade deal
    For adding ACTA near word for word to the EU deal. This alone I strongly oppose entry to the EU …This and the health care rules changes. This does not warrant a few extra dollars to Cdn companies.

    If you want to stop piracy, do the same thing you do to U.S. television networks and block their streaming content to Canadians. Game over for piracy from the Torrent sites that cannot or will not control their content. DO NOT convict all Canadians as pirates which is what these new ACTA laws will do. Everything becomes more expensive, we have little or no ability to add a movie we buy to a tablet for a holiday without paying more etc…This potential outcome is brutal! Just look at how some games from companies like Electronic arts and their digital rights management have worked. limited to EVER installing a game you own on 3 devices. You can only ever play on 1 machine at a time, but you install on a laptop for traveling, your desktop, then a hard disk fails on 1, you have now used all 3 licenses. When you replace your laptop net spring, you must purchase another copy of the game!! That is crap! Public pressure made them be more generous, but what you are proposing makes it LEGAL for the companies to do this kinda crap with ALL their content.

    I am a huge free trade supporter. I have been a rabid Conservative supporter. This deal with these provisions is an EPIC FAIL for the federal Conservatives, for freedom, and Canada as a whole.

    I don’t like threatening, it is unproductive. But if this deal passes “as is” I will be voting any party that promotes removing these draconian measures next Federal election. End rant.

    Kevin Plemel
    4618 7 ave
    Edson Alberta