Major Canadian Law Firms Victims of Cyber Attacks

The Globe reports that hackers have penetrated four major Toronto law firms over the past seven months, using sophisticated cyber attacks.  The article does not name the firms.

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  1. Secure OS
    From the article:
    “In the most devious attacks, Mr. Tobok said, lawyers at a major Canadian law firm working on a proposed deal involving the acquisition of a Chinese company received e-mails that appeared to be from a partner working on a deal. The e-mail was a fake, and its attachment launched a hidden computer program known as malware that infected dozens of the law firm’s computers.”

    Perhaps it is time for Canadians who *need* a secure operating system to start employing Calgary-based OpenBSD? I realize how easy and popular that OS from America is, but the fact that a company’s millions/billions of dollars worth of deals can be acquired sending by anyone sending a single email message, is just absurd.