Shaw Planning to Implement UBB This Summer

Shaw executives told an analyst call last week that the company plans to move forward with usage based billing plans as early as this summer.


  1. Apparently Telus (my ISP) is looking to do the same, though not sure of the exact time frame. If so, I will have to investigate the smaller ISPs and see if it makes sense to switch. Would be a shame, since I am reasonably happy with Telus.

  2. Support the little guys
    Educate yourself on the alternatives to the telecom/cable monopolies–and do not support this anti-consumer behaviour.
    In Ontario, for instance, Distributel offers DSL and cable internet at speeds upto 15 mbps without any usage limits.
    Only competition will loosen the stranglehold on rates and service that these companies offer to their customers.
    (Disclosure-I am a Distributel customer, but I don’t represent the company. I found them using a google search; there are other alternatives)

  3. Good luck with that …
    Seems again business is not listening to the demands of the market. If they go through with this there will just be more smaller start ups (at least I hope so).

    I hope the returning government will continue to show some leadership on this issue and not cave to their natural tendencies once the election is over (I know … but I like to be an optimist).

  4. Time To Split Companies
    Why is Bell, Rogers and Shaw allowed to own the TV companies, delivery system (cable/satellite) and be ISP’s. UBB is being implemented for the sole purpose to generate income and put an end to companies such as Netflix. They realize that demand for streaming and video download will continue to increase drastically and they have set themselves up to control the entire cycle and eliminate any chance of competition. They are not concerned about large users hogging the network, they see a new revenue stream that they seem to think they need to control.

    These companies have done nothing to improve Internet service in Canada unless it provided a substantial payback. If they need to expand the actual network that should come from profits not by added fees or increased fees.

    They pay the government for the right to use our resources. They do not own these resources and they can be denied at any time.

    They should not be allowed to operate in a manner that controls the entire process. They work together as a monopoly – it is time to either break them up or perhaps have the government take over the Internet delivery portion.

  5. Free Enterprise
    I believe in the free enterprise system. I believe in turning a profit and making a living.
    I am a small business owner. How can a small ISP compete against a Bell, Rogers Telus or Shaw, especially when they are renting or buying their services from the BIG FOUR?. What happens when the small ISP begins cutting into the Big Four’s Corporate profits? The small ISP’s will be forced out of business if UBB is implemented. The Free Enterprise System is about producing jobs,turning a profit, creating new products and services bringing new technologies to the market place. It’s about sales, marketing, creativity and yes giving back to the community ….. anonymously. That’s just my opinion for all it’s worth.