Governments Respond to UN Report On Three Strikes Violating International Law

More than 40 countries and delegations have responded at the Human Rights Council to the recent United Nations Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression report that criticizes three strikes/graduated response system. The response, which includes Canada as a co-signer, underscores the importance of privacy, the objective of universal Internet access, and notes the importance of net neutrality and openness. The countries acknowledged that “cutting off users from access to the Internet is generally not a proportionate sanction.”


  1. Too bad the US won’t care as they go and seize domain namesoon bad faith and bad evidence give to them by the corporations. I guess the new game in town is protetc US IP at all costs which seesm to be against basic net neutrality and openness.

  2. Suing people into bankruptcy for little to no damage is, however, perfectly proportional.