Bill C-11 Legislative Committee Membership Set

The government has unveiled the membership of the legislative committee that will review Bill C11.  Members include Conservative MPs Scott Armstrong, Peter Braid, Paul Calandra, Dean Del Mastro, Mike Lake, Phil McColeman, and Rob Moore; NDP MPs Charlie Angus, Tyrone Benskin, Andrew Cash, and Pierre Nantel; and Liberal MP Geoff Regan.


  1. Odd lack of gender balance.

  2. Looks like only 4 are returning members from C-32. What information will the new members miss if previous witnesses aren’t allowed to come back in front of the committee?

  3. what information will the new members ignore…
    … said “What information will the new members miss…?”

    I say the committee process here is not to investigate the bill to ensure that the interests of Canadian Citizens are protected. The committee here is Yet Another Rubber Stamp required on the bill before the Majority can ram it through to all our detriment.

    Anti-TPM-circumvention laws will only hamper the training of the next generation of geeks and will leave Canada less and less able to compete on technology going forward. We’re being sold down the river, folks, yet again.