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Digital Economy Strategy has Become the Federal Government’s “Penske File”

Later today, Industry Minister Christian Paradis will deliver a speech that will provide an update on the government’s digital economy strategy. The speech is likely to point to the recently launched Digital Technology Adoption Pilot Program, talk about moving forward with copyright and privacy legislation, describe work on spectrum, and indicate that a decision has still not been made on the removal of foreign investment restrictions. In other words, basically repackage several earlier speeches on the same issue.

My weekly technology law column (Toronto Star version, homepage version) focuses on the lack of movement on the digital economy strategy, arguing that it has emerged as the government’s “Penske File”- the source of considerable discussion and much “work” but thus far few tangible results (for non-Seinfeld watchers, the Penske file has become synonymous for a non-existent work project).

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Observations on Anti-spam Law’s Regulatory Process

The Privacy Commissioner of Canada’s blog features a post I wrote on the anti-spam regulatory process.

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La Presse Confirms Hurt Locker Demand Letters

La Presse has confirmed an earlier report that the lawyers for the Hurt Locker have sent demand letters to dozens of Quebec-residents alleged to have downloaded the film.

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The Daily Digital Lock Dissenter, Day 40: Writers Guild of Canada

The Writers Guild of Canada represents more than 2,000 professional English-language screenwriters in Canada.  The WGC’s position paper on Bill C-32 included the following comments on digital locks:

The only option that Bill C-32 offers creators is digital locks, which freezes current revenue streams for creators, and creates an illogical loophole in the copyright Bill by taking away the very rights the Bill grants to consumers in its other sections. Digital locks may work for software but they are not forward thinking and they are not popular with consumers. Digital locks are not a substitute for a clear revenue stream for creators.

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Cavoukian on Lawful Access: “This Should Scare You”

Ontario Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian delivered the keynote address at an Ottawa privacy conference yesterday and used the opportunity to warn against lawful access legislation and express frustration with the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision to let stand the Leon’s Furniture privacy case.

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