La Presse Confirms Hurt Locker Demand Letters

La Presse has confirmed an earlier report that the lawyers for the Hurt Locker have sent demand letters to dozens of Quebec-residents alleged to have downloaded the film.


  1. Russell McOrmond says:

    Is their infringement enforcement strategy working?
    Wwith all the publicity they have received for their enforcement strategy, I wonder if it is reducing interest in watching through legitimate channels. It is available to me on Netflix, and I have no interest in watching it as the only thing I have heard about this movie is their aggressive infringement strategy.

  2. The proposed “fines/extortion” for downloading Hurt locker, make the $8 a month Netflix fee very reasonable.

  3. ConcernedCanadian says:

    @Russell McOrmond

    The current revenue stream from intimidation is probably a lot bigger than any residual revenues from more legitimate sources (DVDs, Netflix, TV). Also you are right, the film received a lot of negative mojo because of their mafia attitude. This may further reduce future revenues as some organizations like TV networks mat not want to touch it because of the stench.

    As they say around Voltage Picture’s water cooler: “Once you get to the letters, nothing else is better”

    Not funny? Hey I’m french; at least I try!


  4. Wow, Dozens.
    The hawkers of that flick must have lost a bundle in Quebec, if entire dozens downloaded it. La belle province de criminels, indeed…

  5. Russell,

    Kathryn Bigelow won the Best Director Oscar for this film (1st woman to do so):

    It was one of the most discussed and watched films of the year in 09/10.

    And the ONLY thing you’ve heard about it is its anti-infringement strategy? Glad to see free culture is keeping up with the times.

    The Hurt Locker plays, legally, on one of my cable movie channels quite regularly. I’ve watched it, legally, a number of times. Very entertaining and thought-provoking. Worth every penny it has earned.

  6. Stop the madness. Abolish copyright!

  7. Piratical Pete says:

    Thanks for the recommendation Degen. I’ll download it tonight. Sounds like it might be good.

    Remember the only ones who are hurt by DRM are the honest folk. The pirates take what they want and don’t give a damn. Arrrr

  8. I’ll just leave this here…

    The case was dismissed. But Sarver has filed his appeal to the 9th Circuit recently. Tho I’m sure Degen doesn’t care.

  9. Why are you sure I don’t care?

    The case you refer to has nothing to do with piracy of professional artistic content over the Internet, of course, but that doesn’t make it uninteresting.

    What’s the recommended response here? Do we take the soldier’s side because he’s trying to stick it to Hollywood?